Facility Assessment

How well do you know your facilities assets?

A facility assessment is a fast, easy, inexpensive approach that lets you use what you already know to focus your resources on actions that provide the best value.

  • Assess each facility based on your current knowledge.
  • Use the results to communicate priorities and guide discussions about future actions.
  • Identify data gaps that are critical to upcoming decisions.
  • Clarify which potential actions are “must do” and “low regret.”
  • Target your resources on these higher priority actions.
  • Repeat periodically to achieve optimal results.

Facility assessments can help you to quickly and inexpensively identify which actions need to be done next. This is valuable when you have limited time and resources to deal with all the things that need your attention.

The results of the assessments can also be helpful in communicating up and down the line how the selected actions benefit the organization. Read more about assessment areas of most interest to you and sign up for access to white papers, presentations, and more that you can use to apply the principles used in the Strategic Facility Guide.