Strategic Planning

Do you know what facility assets your organization needs?

Confirm that the facilities you have are the ones you really need. Enable discussions and decisions on relevant issues. Then focus your scarce time and money on the most valuable activities.

Maybe you call it a strategic facility plan, long-range facility plan, facility master plan, or something else. Having a strategic facility plan provides an understanding of what properties your organization needs now and in the near future, and why.

The important thing in strategic planning is not the details in the plan, but the direction it provides for the many ongoing, inter-related decisions and activities on your facilities. Where to make investments, how much and when? Which facilities to consider for closure or complete renovation? What emerging business/technology needs are going to have to be supported, and what are the space implications?

We offer some articles and resources to help you with your strategic facility planning. While you may summarize where you stand in a “plan,” it is an ongoing process focused on a moving target — the future facilities that your organization will need.