Service & Support Options

Strategic Facility Guide Support Options

We provide a range of support options so you can get as much or as little as you want.  Here are your options going from least to most…

Self-Service – Join this site as a free member, and use any of the available resources on your own.  Join here.

Templates & Classes – Buy one of the advanced templates, or subscribe to an online class for specific topic(s) of interest to you.  (A class subscription includes the associated advanced template.)   Contact us for more information.

Online System – Subscribe to the StrategicFacilityGuide (TM) online tool that guides you through all the templates and provides you anywhere/anytime access for you and your team.  Online help and email support is included. Now in Pilot Mode.

RAL Location Strategies Service Options

Custom Support – Have us assist with your data organization and entry by email, phone, and web-meeting, or series of on-site sessions.  You can get help for a quick start or some ongoing support for your team.  Contact us to discuss the customized support you would like.

Consulting Services – If you would like custom or on-site support developing your facility plan, data collection/analysis, Contact us to discuss what you would like.