Using the Guide

Three steps to using the Strategic Facility Guide

Assemble and input your available data

There is a small set of data “required” for a meaningful analysis, with a large number of additional, optional information that the Strategic Facility Guide can organize in a single location for you. It can include a variety of information, consistent with the the full spectrum of assessment types.

Review your reports

Once you have input your data, you can immediately generate some reports: a view of your facilities portfolio as if it was an independent profit center, and a facility portfolio summary listing your facilities and data status. You will be able to make some immediate conclusions about data that needs to be collected/verified and potential cost-saving opportunities from these initial results.  Potential cost savings, suggested asset management actions, and an action-plan tracking feature are under development.

Revise and Repeat

Edit and add other data as it is available or use our online tools and templates to perform facility assessments, depending upon the time and resources you wish to invest. Update and report as frequently as your situation changes, whether due to a business re-organization, annual planning cycle, or availability of funds.