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Using an Agile Facility Strategy to Navigate Upheaval

We all know the nature of a bank/credit union branch is going to change.  All industries evolve and that time for retail financial is now.  There is a lot of serious and interesting discussion of Micro-branches, the Experiential Branch, the Digital Branch, and other competing visions of the “Branch of the Future.”  As a facility person, two parts of this discussion are of the most interest:

  1. Why do we think there is a single, right “Branch of the Future” for our organization?
  2. How can we get started on a successful transformation?

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Even Your Exit Strategy Merits Attention

The recent press around Wal-Mart closing a lot of their stores in smaller communities (story here and here) raises the question of “How much civic responsibility is appropriate these days for major companies in our communities?”  This is a topic where my worlds collide – my role as economic development coordinator for a small community vs. that of a facility strategy consultant helping businesses identity which facilities to keep, renovate, acquire, or close for efficiency. Continue reading